Phi:male is the commission for equal opportunities at VMP, the association of students studying Mathematics, Computational Sciences (D-MATH) and Physics (D-PHYS). Our main goal is to create an inclusive community in which everyone feels welcome, including those who do not fit into the profile of a stereotypical science student. We are trying to reach as many people as possible to connect all the female* and non-binary students in D-Phys and D-Math, give them the opportunity to connect with each other and create a safe space in which everyone feels welcome.
Furthermore, to recognize and make gender-related issues seen is a big goal. Thereby we are not only trying to bring attention to these topics, but this association also acts as a bridge between the students and the department. Last but not least, collaborations with other associations at ETH are important in order to reach even more people. We are always looking for new ideas and new people, so reach out to us if you want to help us achieve these goals, make a difference or simply receive our newsletter. Everyone is welcome! 

What we do

We organise several events during the semester on topics such as gender equality and discrimination. These are some of their aims.
  • Enable students to identify with people who faced difficulties throughout their career.
  • Provide a platform for inspiring scientists to share their individual experiences and opinions on equal opportunities.
  • Encourage students to connect with likeminded people and get to know the speakers from a personal side.
  • Encourage socializing in a relaxed and respectful setting.
  • Help female or minority students to connect and exchange ideas.